ElasticBox Agile Application Delivery to Any Cloud

Freedom for Developers, Control for IT Ops. ElasticBox is all you need to innovate rapidly as an enterprise. Give your developers the tools they need to build applications and give IT operations the platform they need to deploy and manage those applications in any cloud.

Use The Technologies You Trust
Minimising the cost of change

Maximize the value of your existing investments in scripting (bash, powershell), configuration management (chef, puppet) or container (docker) technologies using ElasticBox. By encapsulating the tools you trust, you can reuse the components across applications, environments and teams.

Collaborate And Innovate
Making the most of what you have

Collaborate faster than ever by sharing your application or infrastructure components with individual team members or entire teams in workspaces. Break down friction between teams and platforms with real-time collaboration and bring a whole new approach to delivering applications.

Pick a Cloud, Any Cloud
Share and Collaborate

Deploy in public, private, and hybrid environments on AWS, Rackspace, Google Compute, OpenStack, CloudStack or VMware Cloud from Redcello. Use cloud-specific services such as storage, databases, load balancers, and auto-scaling.

ElasticBox Workspaces
Demo, Engineering, Production

Organize your teams and development resources. With ElasticBox Workspaces, you can define environments for development teams enabling collaboration and shared access to resource pools and services.