Total Threat Protection from Redcello
Secure all your threat vectors

Keeping the organisation up and running requires a reliable, secure networks for both employee and potentially customer use. The growing security threat landscape, BYOD, customer expectations, WiFi, customer transactions, and the distribution of business locations can cause a multitude of IT challenges. With Redcello your business can take care of all its networking requirements with a range of easy-to-deploy and manage solutions. All features are available to ensure security, reliability, and easy management.

Redcello's powerful, best of breed security solutions secure your organisations threat vectors – email, web applications, remote access, web browsing, mobile Internet, and network perimeters whether on premises or in the cloud. Leveraging the benefits of hardware, private cloud, and virtual technology, backed by threat intelligence — Redcello solutions deliver total threat protection from zero day, advanced malware, automated threats, and other attacks.

Managed Firewall
Expert protection against today's dynamic threats

Our Barracuda Firewalls provide comprehensive real-time network protection against a broad range of vulnerabilities including intrusions, malware, and advanced persistent threats. Firewalls are required to provide deep-packet inspection so organizations can enforce granular policies for network optimization such as traffic prioritization that can be set to ensure that latency-sensitive or business-critical applications are always given priority.

Email Security
Manage Access Protect & Secure

For most businesses, most of the communication between your business and the outside world occurs by email. While email is necessary for business, it also exposes your business to a variety of threats from time-wasting spam to data theft, hacking and viruses. Our Barracuda’s Email Security Service is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to protect your business against all of the threats associated with business email, in a single solution.

Secure VPN
Secure access to network and web resources

Easy-to-use, secure network access for business travelers, remote workers, and mobile users. Today's road warriors and remote workers require a quick, flexible, reliable, and completely secure way to connect to internal business applications, information, and network resources. They want to do this from anywhere in the world, at any time, from any suitable device. Our Barracuda SSL VPN's provide the security and connectivity to deliver this access, via a web browser or mobile device

Anti Spam
Stop Spam, Prevent DoS Attacks & Data Leaks.

Inbound/Outbound Filtering and Data Leak Prevention. Our Barracuda Spam Firewalls manage all inbound and outbound email traffic to protect organizations from email-borne threats and data leaks. As a complete email management solution, organizations can encrypt messages and leverage the cloud to spool email if mail servers become unavailable. The Barracuda Spam Firewall is offered without per-user or per-feature fees, and is also available as a virtual appliance for use in your vDC or ours

Web Security
Hosted Content Security Service

Protect Distributed Locations and Remote Users Against Web-Borne Threats. As a cloud-based service, our Barracuda Web Security Service provides a convenient option to deploy Barracuda's powerful web security technology for organizations looking to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. Ideal for safeguarding users on and off the network, the solution unites award-winning spyware, malware, and virus protection with a powerful policy and reporting engine.

Multi Factor Authentication
Secure access to online business resources.

LogMote Pro unifies and manages the authentication process. Use to securely access your applications on your mobile, tablet and computer. It's user centric and synchronized across all devices. It guarantees the association of the user authentication data with applications and protects against phishing and keylogging attacks, ensuring user privacy. With no hidden costs or infrastructural modifications, our Private Service or SaaS solution adapts to your surroundings.