Application Services from Redcello and ElasticBox, Accelerating your Pace of Innovation

Software is the competitive differentiator in the modern enterprise. Increase and sustain rapid application delivery to establish your enterprise as a market leader. Align Developers and IT Operations, DevOps is not a role, it is a process that focuses on collaboration and communication. Enable continuous application delivery and collaborative lifecycle management to realize the full potential of DevOps. Deploy your applications across public and private clouds, giving you the freedom to comply with your data policies and business / IT requirements.

DevOps as a Service
Cloud Application Management Platform

Deliver applications 10x faster, to any cloud. With Dev and Ops working together to accelerate your delivery of applications. Configure and deploy applications using existing investments in configuration management, containerisation or scripting languages. Empower your team by turning them into self service components regardless of the implementation. With ElasticBox from Redcello, Multi-Cloud Applications Are Now A Reality

Lifecycle Editor
Review Configure Deploy

Review, configure, and deploy in one view. No product has a solution quite like the Lifecycle Editor. In one view, you can manage scripts and variables, deploy the application, and then reconfigure or reinstall it as needed. Troubleshoot and edit live application instances. Reconfigure and reinstall application components. Audit all modifications made to an application in one view. And yes, this is really all available in a single view.

Working as a Team

Application development is a team effort. ElasticBox gives you the ability to share Boxes and applications within teams, across organizations, or among your peers. IT can quickly share cloud service resources with developers for streamlined application development. Developers can collaborate on Box configuration to best leverage individuals’ areas of expertise. Administrators can create project workspaces that contain shared Boxes, deployment profiles, and cloud services. Teams can establish application development workflows for development, test, QA, and production deployment.

Automation Bindings & Integration
Build and Run

Boxes can be combined together to build and deploy complex applications. Application components can be modular and isolated but still communicate through bindings. Automate deployment and updates by integrating with the ElasticBox API or Webhooks and tools like Jenkins. Balancing policy control with innovation is not easy. ElasticBox gives you the tools to define roles and permissions in accordance with your organizational structure and policies. Admin control panel to manage users and environments.Logs and auditing capabilities with history of user and resource access..

Scripts & Settings
Securely Deploy

Scripts are executed when deploying a Box on a chosen cloud provider. Use any CM tools (Chef, Puppet, Saltstack, etc) or scripting languages (Bash, Powershell) to deploy your applications and services on any cloud. Use Boxes to manage application settings and variables such as usernames, passwords, permissions and anything else required to manage your deployments. Deploy in public, private, and hybrid environments on AWS, RackSpace, HP Cloud, Google Compute, OpenStack, CloudStack or VMware.

Still not sure how Boxes work?
What's in the Box

Boxes are application or infrastructure components that contain scripts, variables, files, and other metadata required to deploy and configure your application. Use already available Boxes or easily create your own to deploy any application..Organize your teams and development resources. With ElasticBox Workspaces, you can define environments for development teams enabling collaboration and shared access to resource pools and services.